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September 14, 2019

The Healing and Transformation Auction with Stephanie Gagos starts in just one week!!
As I sign the (maybe) last painting for this upcoming auction, I am taken aback as to how many paintings spilled out of me in the last few weeks.
16 original paintings are waiting for new forever homes! And they are all pretty dear to my heart.
Most of them happened during a time of personal turmoil and are evidence of just how much art can heal and transform.

Original Paintings Collection

For me, the work is often cathartic, as I paint through and express what pains me, what moves me, what flows through me and what delights me. Whatever is going on around me or inside me, usually plays out on the canvas in some form or another.
I love to infuse my art with words, poems,  intentions (mostly hidden) and symbols of healing, overcoming and/or transformation,  to further aid the inner journey – both for the viewer who may feel touched, moved, inspired and heard by the art work, as well as myself as I paint.

Prints and Cards that I am Offering.

The Healing & Transformation Event starts on September 21st, with 13 artists offering their gorgeous collections throughout the week.

If you haven’t signed up yet, click going on the event page here.

I will be sending out a special VIP Auction guide to my subscribers in the next few days.
You’ll be able to peruse my collection at your leisure, get all the auction instructions, tips and details for the paintings.

Keep an eye out for that! I will also reveal my auction day date in that guide!

Not a subscriber yet? You can fix that right here!

Until then!


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