The Evolution Of An Art Journal

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November 1, 2019

Art Journal FrontThese days I am so busy painting for sales and auctions, that I rarely find time anymore just to play in an art journal. And I miss it!

I do have a variety of sketchbooks that I often carry with me to get in some sketching practice while I wait in places (instead of playing on my phone!) but that is quite a different practice to letting loose in an art journal, testing out supplies, playing and just enjoying myself.  Since I didn’t even have an art journal at the size I wanted to play with, I decided to make the art journal itself already part of the fun!

And what fun it was/is! From figuring out how to create that faux wood (I’ll post a tutorial on that soon,) to creating the cover, to all the pages inside, with all the gorgeous lace and old paper and yummy textures – it has been such a joy! It ended up being somewhere between a fabric journal and an art journal, which really delights me! It’s such a tactile thing – I can’t help but touch all the bits and pieces I added and that are sticking out!
Reminds me a little of the little tag blankets my kids had when they were babies! I feel almost as endlessly fascinated as they did, touching ALL the things! 🙂

It also involved pulling out some long neglected stashes  of materials, paints and embellishments, which then led to a lengthy and complete re-organization of my entire office studio. And here I am, many moons later, and I realized I never showed you my journal!

The journal is still pretty empty as far as paintings and quotes go, because , well …. life happens and I never got back to it. But there are things to see and it makes me happy just having it sit there. The last few days it has really been calling me again, so this is the perfect time to show you what I have so far and then update as I go!


Art Journal Front

The art journal from the front! Just love all the lacey pages sticking out!

Close up.

Close up of the left upper area of the journal cover.

Close up

Close up of the lower area of the journal cover.

Close up

Close up of the right upper area of the journal cover.

The first page.

The first page and the second painting so far. The first one is on the cover!

A whole mix of things here! Lace, papers, more leaf skeletons and I experimented with die cutting some gessoed white fabric to make that flower “lace” towards the top on the right side!

Butterfly tabs and skeleton leaves.

Butterfly tabs and skeleton leaves – just waiting for some quotes and further embellishments!

Lace, old pages and letters.

Lace, old pages and vintage letters – some of my favorite things!

Little pocket page, to be filled with some small treasures.

Little pocket page, to be filled with some small treasures.

Page with a painting

Page with a painting, but not sewn in and fully “laced up” yet.

Back of the Journal

Back of the Journal. You can see the “untouched” faux wood finish here!

I intend to mostly use the lacy pages for quotes and other, smaller play and sew in some more canvas pages for paintings. Therefore, the spine isn’t bound completely yet and allows for additions. Finishing and decorating the spine will be the last step, once the journal is filled and complete!

Where are you at with your art journals? Would love to see!
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